Vibrating Pager Model PV100

Vibrating pagers are among the equipment that can be used to systematize operations and improve the speed of servicing.  Vibrating pager model PV-100 is mostly used in food courts and fast food bars given its unique design. For letting the customers know that their orders are ready, the pager number is entered into the keypad of a transmitter, which then informs the customers through activating vibrating, sound and light alerts on their pagers – an appropriate alternative to traditional techniques like calling out. Model PV-100 can be used in quiet environments as well as crowded and noisy places, where regular audio calling systems cannot be employed. It is water-proof, shockproof and highly resistant.

In addition, using Model PV-100 minimizes the number of waiters required, prevents formation of crowds and queues in front of cash registers and allows the customers to sit anywhere in restaurants and food courts as it is can function over long distances. Due to its features, PV-100 can be used in the snack bars of water parks, swimming pools and hospitals. Another feature of paging systems in nursing homes which helps monitor requests and speed up servicing is the use of display receivers; the designated code of the person requiring assistance along with the type of his/her request can be seen by the nurses.

Name Value
130X130X25 mm Tg
Current / Voltage
420mA / 3/6V