Pager In Beauty Salons

Attending to customers` needs as well as timely and orderly servicing are among the main concerns of the managers and staff of beauty salons, especially in large and crowded salons in which the use of queue management systems can help systematize processes, manage queues and speed up servicing. The customers receive a vibrating pager after choosing their desired services and when their turn comes, hairdressers enter the pager number into a transmitter and call the customers through sound, light and vibrating alerts, which are proper alternatives to traditional techniques such as calling out.


Among other applications of pagers in beauty salons is the use of calling systems. In case the customer requires additional services, he/she can inform the hairdresser through his wristband – simply by pushing a desktop button. In addition, the system can be used by the hairdressers or managers for summoning the cleaning staff in beauty salons, or by the customers when using the salon snack bar. Given that the pagers can receive transmissions over long distances, the customers can sit anywhere in the salon or use its other services while waiting their turn.

Besides, this product can be used to schedule the customers for hair washing before they see the hairdressers, in order to reduce the duration of the process. It should be noted that the use of pagers in beauty salons will result in a relaxed environment and will prevent chaos.