Pager In Hospitals

The situation in hospitals and treatment centers necessitates maximum efforts to ensure quiet, peaceful and orderly servicing. Given the conditions of people going to hospitals, queue management and attending to patients needs have become highly important. Thus, using pagers can help improve the quality of services provided for the patients and establish order in hospitals. One of the most important applications of pagers in treatment centers is systematizing patient queue management; the patients receive a vibrating pager and when their turn comes, the queue manager calls them by entering their number into the transmitter, causing vibrating, light and sound alerts on their pager. This system is a perfect alternative to traditional queue management techniques such as calling out, which create a noisy and stressful environment for patients.


Attending to patients and being aware of their conditions is crucial in hospitals and treatment centers. In cases of emergency, patients or their companions can use calling systems or nurse call buttons to call nurses/doctors through wristbands and/or display receivers, so that they can be taken care of as soon as possible. This improves the speed of attending to patients in times of emergency and can even help save their lives in critical situations. Instead of using hospital loudspeakers, this system can be employed to call the doctors and to prevent noise pollution. This can be achieved by entering the codes of the designated doctors/nurses into a keypad and informing them – through vibrations of wristbands – of one`s requests.