Pager In Swimming Pools

Enjoying food and drinks in swimming pools and water parks is a delightful experience. Thus, calling systems can be used to provide comfort, attend to different matters and manage queues in snack bars in pools. While lounging on poolside chairs, people can inform the snack bar manager of their requests and orders through wristbands, only by pressing the button on the tables or their chairs. Also, waiter pagers can be installed in the snack bars to manage and monitor servicing; when customers have an order, their table/chair numbers along with their order types will be seen on the display receiver.


In swimming pools, vibrating pagers can be used to call the customers in order to prevent chaos and formation of queues behind snack bars. The customers are handed a vibrating pager upon ordering, and when the order is ready, the snack bar manager enters its number into a keypad and informs them – through vibrations of the pager, its LED lights and sound alerts that are suitable alternatives to traditional techniques such as calling out – that it is their turn.