Display Receiver Dc3-200

Display Receiver Dc3-200

  • 3 number
  • Color: Black
  • Accessories: Audio hub, keypad, adapter
  • Alert type: Audible notification via audio hub

As you are well aware, order and speed are of utmost importance in provision of services. Using the audio paging system is the updated version of traditional techniques for queue management. Using this system, the customer whose turn has come can be paged by entering his designated number into the keypad, which will then be displayed on the receiver an also announced by the speakers. The DC3-200 is a receiver that can display 3 rows of 3-digit numbers, and is used in ice cream shops, pharmacies, notary publics’ offices and telecommunications departments.

It is employed in any place that requires queue management to prevent formation of crowds and to complete the servicing system. This product is wireless, can be installed on walls and can be used to page 3 numbers simultaneously. Other places where this system can be employed include restaurants, fast food bars, food courts, hospitals, treatment centers, clinics, car washes, offices and hotels.

Features :

  • High antenna reception
  • Replaceable battery
  • Enhanced time management power
  • Ergonomic design
  • Reduction in Waiter provisioning costs
  • Equipped with the latest wireless technology
  • Increase in speed and orderliness in service delivery
  • Capability to send a single request to the receiver
  • Mountable on various surfaces such as tables, beds, walls, as well as wooden, metal, plastic surfaces, etc.

نام مقدار
380*850*40 mm Tg
ضد آب
فرکانس کاری
فاصله آنتن دهی
جریان / ولتاژ کاری
2000mA / 12V