Pager In Foodcourts

Food courts and fast food bars are places where calling systems are most widely used. Food courts consist of several fast food bars, restaurants and coffee shops, and because of their highly crowded and noisy environments, the traditional queue management techniques such as calling out or using audio paging systems and displays cannot be employed, due to interference of sounds. Since order and speed in provision of services is crucial for food courts, vibrating paging systems can be used for queue management in these places.


The system works as follows: after the customers enter the food court, order food and get a receipt, they are also handed a vibrating pager; when their order is ready, the headwaiter enters the order number into a transmitter and informs them – through vibrations of the pager, its LED lights and sound alerts that are suitable alternatives to traditional techniques – that they have to pick up the food at the counter. It should be noted that the use of this system not only prevents the formation of queues in front of the cash registers, but also results in customer satisfaction and relaxation.